Katarina Kuzmanovic


Katarina Kuzmanovic

Real Estate

Katarina Kuzmanović, Business consultant, Real Estate

Katarina Kuzmanovic, business development and strategy consultant in real estate industry, working with some of the leading players on real estate field.

As a highly experienced expert in classified industry, with more than 14 years of experience in real estate, previously worked as Head of Real Estate in some of the leading classified portals in Serbia, with significant results in the industry.

From 2010 worked as a Head of Real Estate halooglasi.com in Halo oglasi company. Main responsibilities were bound for bussiness strategy and product development, sales, marketing and brand communication strategy. Experienced in project managment, connecting stakeholders: real estate agencies and investors, site users and developers team, for best business results. In ten years Halo oglasi nekretnine, from print edition, becomes leading real estate classified portal in Serbia.

From 2021 joined Wirelles Media Group and Sasomange portal team as a Head of Real Estate, with goal to become one of the top real estate portals in Serbia.

Also, experienced in marketing, digital marketing and public relations as a part of marketing & PR team in Fruvita company, FMCG industry.

Bachelor of Journalism, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade.